MLM Secrets

10 Steps to Getting Started In Network Marketing

Most people do not finish what they start so lets change that now.

There are 5 main steps to follow to succeed:
1. Get your 7- 8 hours Sleep
2. Eat good food
3. Do some form of exercise
4. Read listen to personal development (Think and Grow Rich)
5. Plan your day the night before for 15 minutes on what you what to achieve
6. Relationship with your family
7. Create and work in Energy Blocks
8. Form (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motive)
9. Income
10. Be spontaneous

Firstly look at the person you need to become to be successful. It’s got to do with the journey and development not the destination. The destination will come with learning new skills on the way. It’s important to get into the right habits.

Sleep is Important
Get your rest at least 7-8 hours sleep every day as this will give you the energy to talk to people about your opportunity.
Food and Nutrition
Eat well and feed your body this will give you more energy and wellbeing to talk to people
This will again boost your energy and improve your over all health so you can operate at you peak performance even if its just Twenty minutes 3 times a week do some form of physical activity.
Read and Listen
This is an important step to keep you on track and boost your confidence listening and reading to successful people that are experts in there fields.
This will increase your confidence and belief in yourself and the Network Marketing Business. (Read Listen and Participate)
Plan your day
Plan your day the night before to stop procrastination put a list of 5 things that needs to get done.
Family Relationships
This is very important to keep your positive mind set share your thoughts with your family your goals and dreams. This will help you work together to a common goal and make it exciting for all.
Create and work in Energy Blocks
When do you have the most energy at night or during the day find your best time when you can create your Energy Block for 30min – 45min to call your prospects and arrange one on one’s. Focus on activities you do not want to do smile and be enthusiastic as this is how people will perceive you. You can use this cycle again and again. Reenergize: Eat, Gym and create another Energy Block. This will make you very productive use your second office Costa Coffee or Starbucks and get meeting your prospects.
When you call your prospects you can use the following scripts:

“I just got into a new business and I am looking for business partners are you open to look at new opportunities?”
This opens the door for you to see if someone is looking you can meet up for a one on one and see if they have a need in there life that you can help them with. You want to share the business with at least 3-5 people per week to get some momentum in your business.

Form (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motive)
Form is a great way to see what peoples needs are, have fun be relaxed this is a fun process. Do not spend more that 20 minutes when you first meet up just establish a need first.
Have a chat to see are they married have any children this is a good way to make friends and break the ice.
This is a great way to see if they are happy in there current job. This opens a door for you to see if they are ready to look at an opportunity finding a need that you can help them with. As your business can be a solution they need right now.
What do they like to do for fun this is a great way to see what there motivation is like
What they are willing to do to succeed

Income all depends on how many People in your business the Sales (Volume) your team is producing this is what gives your business Momentum and Income will follow. Income. Focus on what the money is going to do for you why you are doing the business.

Be Spontaneous
• Call someone and arrange a meeting
• Get together with someone and write some goals
• Magic is setting dates to achieve certain Ranks in your business otherwise you will miss the boat
• Have Fun Relax and Smile